Embodied Human Development 

Welcome to the transformational and creative approach to coaching, consulting and training. Experiential Learning with highly engaging activities from Applied Improvisation and Theatre Drama Training - help optimize behavior change and enhance performance and awareness in core competencies such as: Emotional Intelligence, Active Listening, Empathy, Effective Communication and ability to Manage Change.


Custom programs, training, and workshops are ideal for corporations, businesses, universities, and organizations, who are looking to provide effective and interactive capacity building training,  in the areas of:


  • Creativity

  • Storytelling

  • Public Speaking

  • Tribe Leadership

  • Team Building,

  • Problem-Solving, 

  • Collaboration

  • Resilience

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset 

  • Group Facilitation 

  • English Communication 


These multi-disciplinary and human-centered sessions provide a real behavior change,  mapping the strengths of individuals, producing sustainable results to stay competitive, innovative and adaptable to changes in the 21st century - improving employees' engagement, satisfaction, and happiness at work and in any organization where human development is important.
















Grazyna Frackiewicz is a trained facilitator with 10+ training experience, and 400+ workshops given internationally that empowers people to express their creative potential while developing their presence, self-expression, emotional awareness, empathy, problem-solving skills, listening and communication skills. She also provides 1-on-1 consultations and training for facilitators who want to improve their presence and sensitivity through Embodied Facilitation Methodology. She regularly hosts Improvisation workshops and Acting Courses in the Netherlands, as well as performs as a Stand-Up comedian. 

"Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold. "

Joseph Chilton Pearce​

Want more?


If you are looking for an engaging and humoristic speaker at your meeting, Team Building Day, Conference or festival, in a variety of topics regarding creativity, talent, motivation, personal leadership and the power of community and collaboration contact me directly.


When stuck on your next business idea, or strategy for your own professional and personal life. You can book a clarity session, where together we will find a clear plan on how to steer your greatness, respect your needs and live by your and only values. Together with a ton of useful tips on digital tools for planning, strategizing, and maintaining your business and personal goals.


With my extensive knowledge on different learning methodologies and experience with working with groups, I can help you design effective training programs supporting 21st-century skills. That is highly experiential, engaging and personalized to the learning and development needs of your audience. 

Comedy writing

Would you like to reach your audience with a bit of humor? Contact me, and together based on your brand and your audience I will write and direct a tailored comedy script - so you can connect originally and authentically with your audience! 

Upcoming Events
Leading Beyond Facilitation Masterclass
Sat, Nov 23
Karunika - Yoga and Spiritual Center
Nov 23, 2019, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Karunika - Yoga and Spiritual Center, Meerhuizenplein 38, 1078 TB Amsterdam, Netherlands
As a trainer, facilitator, coach you take all your resources and energy to assist other people development so they can reach growth and success they desire. When was the last time you had the possibility to be guided, evaluated and learn more specifically what can you improve at?
Acting and Improvisation course for beginners
Thu, Oct 03
Oct 03, 2019, 7:00 PM – Dec 05, 2019, 8:30 PM
Cliffordstudio, Cliffordstraat 38, 1051 GV Amsterdam, Netherlands
In these courses for beginners & intermediates, you will have a chance to learn the fundamental skills and tools of acting and be introduced to the magical world of theatre. Learn how the ‘Art of Being a Human’ can improve your imagination, concentration, bodily and emotional awareness!


Grazyna knows as a facilitator how to create a safe environment where people can be themselves and connect to others, engaging their creativity and knowledge. She feels intuitively about what is needed to unlock the potential of the group.

I personally also experienced her as an excellent coach who is great at listening and able to witness the talents of a person and put it into words. Not only made aware of what the talents are, but also how one could put that into use. She is an asset for every community and organization who want to unlock and steward the potential of the people in it. People who are engaged, connected, responsible and take ownership of the result.

—  John Schmeitz | Transformation & Leadership Facilitator at Alchemic Leadership

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