Play is the highest form of human intelligence, coming back to our essence as creators we can build the world that is adapted to ours psychological, sociological and biological needs, where each individual achieve their greatest potential. 



Throughout my Expression Art studies, as well as a personal journey into personal development practices and tools - I have learned that the Art of improvisation teaches us how to relate to our surroundings by implementing and involving holistically our whole make up of being a human being:

  • our cognitive capabilities,

  • emotional expressiveness,

  • and bodily awareness. 


Only by incorporating those 3 levels of what makes us human, we can achieve greater growth, for ourselves as individuals and for the whole of community that we are as belonging to the same species.


  • To learn how to adapt to any situation and circumstances with spontaneity and creativity,

  • to become more confident in our skin and mind,

  • to feel more and give more,

  • to become more compassionate and collaborative.

  • to express ourselves in alignment with what we are, feel and think with ease, pleasure, and excitement.


This is all what Improvisation practice can do for you, and what you can do for others. 

My passion:

My Background:

A graduate of the University of The West of Scotland in Media and Culture Art in Performing for Stage and Screen as well as Applied Theatre Practice  - in building awareness and collaboration in communities and social groups through theatre training. Group facilitator, coach, and Improviser specialising in body language and the mind-body connection that increase the self-awareness for the greater emotional intelligence enhancing so needed in modern disruptive society. For almost a decade she designed, facilitated and conducted over 400+ workshops and trainings applying practical improvisation exercises while working with groups with participants from all over the world from different backgrounds in companies, schools, and government agencies. 

She conducts workshops and provides individual coaching supporting the development of people, groups, and organizations. The areas of her training specialization are training and coaching supervision, interpersonal skills - particularly effective communication, emotional leadership, authenticity, strength reinforcement, and conflict resolution. She provides hands-on leadership training focused on understanding the mechanisms of how to lead groups and individuals for effective teamwork.


She is also a stand up comedian and speaker. You can see her at various comedy clubs around Amsterdam and also at this year  she will give her presentation at the CMX Summit conference in Silicon Valley to a room full of 1000+ community professionals! Check the event here there #CMXSummit

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

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